Repair cost estimation

Detect visible and non visible parts from images
Our AI has learned from thousands of car images and is capable of detecting and highlighting the visible car body parts from a set of images. The AI is also able to predict the non visible parts that should be replaced.
Asses the damage of the vehicle
For each body part our AI assesses the damage and indicates whether the part should be replaced or repaired.
Estimate the repair cost
We generate a report with the cost of each part as well as the labor cost to change or repair the part and the cost of the paint job.
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Perfectly adapted to insurers needs

Unfrauded offers a set of features for fraud detection
  • Generate a fraud report with one click

    Our software integrates with existing IT systems to display open claims. In one click our systems evaluate the repair cost and checks a set of business rules to determine a score indicator of fraud.

  • Real time analysis of data

    We extract analyse and display useful reports in real time. These reports are dynamic meaning you can visualize any agregation of your data.

  • Collaborative work

    Unfrauded allows users to work together to identify fraud. On each report you can post comments, tag users or upload files to manage each claim faster and more efficiently.


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s our pleasure to answer any questions you have

We charge for every generated report allowing insurer the flexebility in purchasing only the amout of reports they need. Please contact us to get more informations.

The damage assessment and cost estimation is cloud based meaning you don't need your own powerful servers. For security reasons services that handle sensitive clients data are managed by insurer own servers.

All personal data is handled on the insurer servers ensuring client confidentiality. The damage assessment services only require images which are handled by highly secure Amazon Servers.

We are working hard to deliever all of Unfrauded's functionalities as soon as possible and we expect to launch the first version in March 2020. For now you can ask for a demo for free and we would love to get your feedback.

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The Team

Taha Cabani
Chief Executive Officer
Abderahmen Jlassi
Chief Application Architect Officer
Kamilia Naili
Chief Business Development Officer
Nader Somrani
Chief Technology Officer

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