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Unfrauded & Star Insurance collaboration testimonial.

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Kamilia Naili
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Today we want to showcase one of our partnerships here at Unfrauded.

‍This June marks 2 years of collaboration with STAR, our first ever client and partner.

Operating within the insurance sector focusing primarily on multi-line insurance, for over 60 years STAR has established itself as a leader in the insurance market for both individuals and professionals within Tunisia.

‍With the satisfaction of its customers at the core of its business, at Unfrauded we have worked in collaboration with STAR to offer our AI based tools to manage claims faster.

‍Our partnership with STAR first began at the Tunisia Digital Summit back in 2019, where we developed the first version of Unfrauded during a 12 month collaboration together.

The aim of our partnership with STAR is to leverage our AI based solutions to make the process of insurance claims and fraud detection more efficient.‍