Unfrauded Insurance Fraud Detection.

Unfrauded is an AI powered tool for auto insurance fraud detection
and faster claim assessment.

Assess car damage based on images.

Using powerful state of the art Deep Learning models Unfrauded is able to detect and assess the damage of a vehicle based on a set of images.

Our AI has learned from thousands of car images and can detect and highlight any issues with all visible car body parts.

Estimate the repair cost.

We offer a large parts price database based on market prices with accurate estimations. Unfrauded is also able to estimate the number of labor hours necessary for the repairs and delivers a detailed report in a few minutes.

60+ fraud indicators

Unfrauded scans each claim for fraud patterns based on a variety of business rules powered by powerful AI systems that can detect patterns undetectable by humans.

Fraud networks detection.

Unfrauded checks the links that exist between parties involved in a claim to detect hidden patterns and expose fraud networks.





Additional Features

Unfrauded uses OCR technologies and built-in communication tools to digitize the insurance workflow. We also offer a mobile app for faster claim assessment and better client experience. Additionnally Unfrauded offers analytics modules for a global view on the insurance ecosystem.

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